An exercise that engages all your pull muscles with a specific focus on your back using your body weight and a squat rack, bar or smith machine
This modification of the classic deadlift focuses heavily on hamstrings and legs as a whole while still giving adequate engagement to the back, core muscles, glutes and building strength overall.
To isolate and build your trap muscles, dumbbell shrugs are an excellent exercise. You can do these with either a barbell or dumbbell.
The cable rows isolate your back muscles and form a stable engagement for muscle growth in many strength training and weight lifting programs.
The lat pull down is excellent for building upper back, especially your lats in isolation. You can either do this with a wide-grip or underhand grip.
The classic deadlift is a heavy compound movement that forms the backbone of most strength-based training programs. It engages the entire body while mainly focusing on legs, core and back muscles.
This exercise is a compound movement that builds strength in lower and upper back and hence forms an integral part of nearly all upper body workout routines.