Energy Pod Croissant Melt: Very High Energy Fuel

Energy Pod Croissant Melt: Very High Energy Fuel

Energy Pods usually provide a high amount of energy for your day. However, some days you may want to drastically ramp up your energy intake which might be a great idea before a marathon, run, intense workout, or a very physically demanding day. The Energy Pod croissant will give you a rapid burst of energy to engage in the harshest activities.

Croissants provide a rapidly digestible form of carbohydrates and fats which will likely not be as filling and favor a positive energy intake so this may not be the best way to begin every breakfast but may be a great fuel on days your energy demands may be higher.

Lastly, croissants can take a long time to make at home, and are easy to mess up the recipe. Therefore, it's highly recommended that you simply buy a medium-sized croissant from your local grocery store, bakery, or food mart. Doing so will save you time and hours of headaches.


1/2 x Chocolate Flavored Energy Pod

1 x medium croissant


  • Slice the croissant and create a cavity inside it
  • Fill in the cavity with Energy Pod
  • Place it on a baking tray for toaster oven while closing the croissant
  • Heat at 400F for 3-4 minutes. Croissant should be lightly crispy and the Energy Pod should melt 
  • Serve warm