Episode 18: The Truth About Cholesterol & Why We Got It All Wrong || Dave Feldman & Siobhan Huggins Part I

by Fahad Ahmad




Cholesterol gets a bad rap everywhere. Poor bugger actually has quite a role to play and we decided to figure that out! Get ready to geek out on this two part fireside chat with Dave Feldman & Siobhan Huggins from Cholesterol Code!

Dave Feldman Bio: Dave Feldman is a senior software engineer and entrepreneur. He began working with programming and system engineering at a very young age and has always enjoyed learning new mechanistic patterns and concepts.

After starting a low carb diet, Dave found his cholesterol numbers increased considerably. He then began reverse engineering the lipid system through self-experimentation and testing, finding it was very dynamic and fluid. He has now demonstrated this multiple times by moving his cholesterol up and down substantially in a matter of days.

Siobhan Huggins Bio: After meeting Dave Feldman at Ketofest 2017, Siobhan's passion for lipidology was ignited and she was driven to research all she could in a mad attempt to figure out how lipids were involved in the immune system and chronic diseases. She has since written 2 articles that have been published on cholesterolcode.com  -  on plaque development and LDL modification - with many more posts planned. 

Sio has been keto for 15 months in which time she has lost over 65 pounds, reversed her hypertension and stopped her blood sugars from going out of control. 

Although later to the game than most, Siobhan has dedicated herself to decoding the mysteries​ of cholesterol and is just getting started.

Time Stamps:

5:24 – Dave & Siobhan’s story

6:34 – What current are they currently working on?

8:22 – What exactly is Cholesterol?

9:42 – Cholesterol in evolutionary context.

11:41 – What are triglycerides and their role?

14:43 – Does the type of glycerides impact its energy output?

16:10 – What are lipoproteins, their role and how does the lipoprotein system work?

25:10 – Understanding the lipoprotein readings and their context

28:09 – Chemical signaling and the response by the lipoprotein system

32:01 – How to interpret your blood test results?

35:53 – What is the Feldman Protocol?

40:02 – What should I do as a cardiologist with conflicting evidence?

42:08 – What else is blamed on Cholesterol besides atherosclerosis?

42:50 – What really causes atherosclerosis?

44:37 – What causes the damage to lipoprotein system?

53:07 – Can you live forever?

5:17 – Caution against using drugs on the entire lipoprotein system



Website: http://cholesterolcode.com/

Ketogeek: https://ketogeek.com/

Dave Feldman: https://twitter.com/DaveKeto

Siobhan Huggins: https://twitter.com/siobhan_huggins


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by Darren Guest on January 05, 2018

I have a question for Dave: You mention in the podcast that vascular damage has been induced crudely in a lab for the purposes of study, but I’ve yet to find a study that relates to specific root causes. Is it possible that damage/scarring to the endothelium is a natural and on-going process and that it is only our repair and response process that has become dysfunctional in our modern environment? I’m thinking in terms of the reparative properties of vitamin C here, and how sugar has a similar molecular structure that inhibits Vit C’s ability to repair vascular wall. I would point out here that I am just a very interested layman in this arena!


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