Episode 21: Failure of Calorie In Calorie Out Model & Busting Nutrition Myths || Raphael Sirtoli of Break Nutrition Part I

by Fahad Ahmad on January 30, 2018

The world of health and nutrition is loaded with lots of myths and dogma that regularly create tremendous healthcare costs that can be avoided by simple dietary interventions. We talk to the man who holds no prisoners when it comes to cutting through the rubbish and getting to the heart of the problem. Here's part one of our interview with Raphael Sirtoli.

Bio: MSc in Molecular Biology from Staffordshire University (United Kingdom). He wrote his MSc thesis was on the metabolism of breast cancer cells. He is BA in Italian & Management Studies from University College London (United Kingdom). Co-founder of www.breaknutrition.com Avid self-experimenter (e.g. fasting, psychedelics, biomarker tracking, carnivory, hypercapnic hyperventilation...) Loves football (soccer), gymnastics, hiking/trail running, Crossfit, weight-lifting.

Time Stamps:

7:35 – How did you decide to start your own podcast?

9:39 – How do we know we’re doing the right thing as podcasters?

10:47 – What to expect from Break Nutrition

13:05 – How’s the health of people in France?

14:43 – Issues with the Calorie In/Calorie Out model

18:36 – Study of Ketogenic diet in a metabolic ward

21:21 – How do you measure energy balance? 

23:13 – Issues with studies in Ketogenic diets?

25:55 – Working with affiliates and sponsors for your blog or podcast?

31:08 – How do you start research on a topic?

33:12 – How can you tell if a scientific paper is junk?

37:40 – How to filter out bad influencers and educators?

41:40 – Are credentials of people really important?

44:32 – Top paradoxes you’ve noticed during your podcast experience?

51:15 – Overfeeding studies and fat storage on Keto

52:51 – Long term overfeeding and insulin resistance

55:03 – How different carbs have different impact on the body

57:35 – Is there a connection between gut health, gut permeability and insulin resistance?

59:08 – Starches and their impact on gut health

1:01:15 – Humans as pure carnivores in evolutionary & historical context


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