Metabolism, Chronobiology & Improving Long Term Health & Performance || Alessandro Ferretti

Metabolism, Chronobiology & Improving Long Term Health & Performance || Alessandro Ferretti

This one is a must listen and LOADED with everything you need to know about metabolism and long term health, enhancing and troubleshooting your performance as an athlete and understanding the significance of heart rate variability and glucose levels.


Alessandro Ferretti graduated from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 2001 and formed Equilibria Health Ltd in 2004. With a growing team of Nutritionists and a Medical Doctor, Equilibria Health is now recognized as one of the UK’s leading providers of nutrition education.
He delivers an annual series of UK wide practitioner and medical professionals postgraduate seminars, workshops & masterclasses metabolism, health and performance, and nutrigenomic. In addition, Equilibria Health Ltd also instigated an ambitious programme of clinical workshops which has been consistently well received. He has received two nominations for CAM Best Practice Award for clinical excellence.His past work included practice from the Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP) at 76 Harley Street, London, and at Tudor Medical Centre, in Stratford Upon Avon.
He's fascinated by the potential of nutrigenomics, HRV, metabolism and actively research impact of food in performance and health.


8:15 - How did you get into health, nutrition and research?

13:58 – Why do athletes have elevated fasting glucose?

17:17 – Connection between fasting glucose and inflammation?

21:18 – The role of chronic inflammation in long term diseases?

23:57 – Why you should keep a tab on heart rate variability and fasting glucose

25:32 – Should I change my training or what steps do I take if my heart rate variability and fasting glucose is off?

29:27 – Very powerful factors that you can tweak to improve your health and performance

31:30 – Missing connection between food intake and physiological rhythms

34:37 – Discussion and explanation of Chronobiology

41:25 – How can you tell if a physical routine is a positive stressor or just pointless torture?

48:45 – When is it good to find evidence from human evolution and when it’s a terrible idea?

55:40 – Latest research on the impact of Ketogenic diet on high intensity performance

1:03:35 – With so many versions of ketogenic(or any diet) diets, how do I compose an ideal diet for myself?

1:10:02 – A thorough explanation of metabolic FLEXIBILITY

1:18:57 – A thorough explanation of metabolic EFFECIENCY

1:27:18 – Does insulin sensitivity increase or decrease metabolic efficiency?

1:30:16 – What is heart rate variability and why is it important?

1:34:40 – Final plugs


Fahad is the founder of Ketogeek and hosts the Ketogeek Podcast, a world class health show about food, nutrition and health. He is into resistance training, Ashtanga yoga, calisthenics and various forms of training styles. Armed with a idealistic goals distilled in a world of realism, his goal is to help the world make a better place. He leads a life of extreme generalism or as he describes it, 'The Renaissance Lifestyle'.