Using the Fruitarian or Fruit-Based Diet to Perform High Level Ultra-Endurance Sports || Michael Arnstein

Using the Fruitarian or Fruit-Based Diet to Perform High Level Ultra-Endurance Sports || Michael Arnstein

In this episode, we talk to Michael Arnstein or "The Fruitarian" who utilizes a fruit-based diet to perform world class marathon runs while trying to understand how or why this diet works?


Michael Arnstein is a 41 year old elite athlete who lives in New York and Hawaii and utilizes a fruit-based diet to boost his performance. He is also the founder of Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2011. His performance records include:


  • (run 100+ marathons, best 2:28.12 NYC)

Ironman Triathlons 

  • (4 time Kona Hawaii Ironman finisher, best 9:38)

Ultra Running

  • (50+ ultra distance races, many major event 1st place finishes)
  • Some highlight performances:
  • 2 time HURT 100 mile winner
  • Vermont 100 mile winner
  • Javelina 100 mile winner
  • 100 mile PR: 12:57 (track; 7:46 per mile average)
  • JFK 50 2nd place 5 hours 50 minutes
  • Badwater 135 finisher
  • Spartathlon 153 mile finisher


10:10 – How did you get into a fruitarian diet?

17:34 – How do you foster a positive attitude in life?

18:36 – What resources did you use to learn this lifestyle?

21:46 – How do you transition into a fruitarian diet?

25:13 – Is Vitamin B12 deficiency or supplemenation an issue on this diet?

27:50 – What about protein deficiency on this diet?

31:44 – Is there potential science around a fruit based diet?

34:17 – How do you prepare for race day?

36:38 – No drinking water on this diet!?

39:14 – What mangoes are the best in the world?

40:23 – Favorite fruits and fruits you avoid?

43:23 – Salt and do you crave salty foods?

45:09 – What about electrolytes and caffeine?

47:36 – How does the race day fair on a fruitarian diet?

49:09 – What does your physician say about your diet?

50:40 – Are there other athletes who are on a raw fruit diet?

52:07 – Can you make this diet more sustainable?

56:36 – How did this diet impact your social life and relationships?

1:02:00 – Discussion about suffering and compassion







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