Eating Dark Chocolate Regularly Enhances Cognitive Function, New Study

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Eating Dark Chocolate Regularly Enhances Cognitive Function, New Study

We love chocolate and enjoy having it practically ever day in the form of our Energy Pods. A new study(1) . shows that frequent consumption of chocolate may be good for your brain. In this single-blind study, healthy young subjects consumed either white or dark chocolate daily for 30 days. The research, though with a relatively small sample size, found that this daily consumption of dark chocolate increased "Nerve Growth Factor" which is usually involved in regulating growth, maintenance, proliferation, and survival of certain target nuerons along with theobromine levels in the blood while significantly enhancing cognitive functions (including elective attention, inhibition and intereference control.)


Adding chocolate to your diet may offer benefits and boost your cognitive performance. Hence, we love having our Chocolate Fudge Energy Pod every day to not only make our life easier but pursue a journey of staying healthy while taking on the challenges of life! Add it to your breakfast to take on the day and join us in ushering an era of better and healthier foods of the future!


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