Weight Loss On A Ketogenic Diet

by Fahad Ahmad on November 12, 2017

Losing Weight On A Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet is famous for weight loss without counting calories but how does it work? This simplified guide will explain weight loss on Keto if you're new to the Ketogenic Diet. We recommend checking out our Simple Keto Guide first if you're totally new to Ketogenic Diet and would like to get started. When you're on a Ketogenic Diet, you're burning fat instead of carbohydrates as your primary source of fuel for your body. This fat can come from either consumption of fats or through your own stored body fat.

For weight loss, the main goal is to utilize the body's own fat stores for energy rather than consume more fat from foods that could potentially slow down or stall fat loss. At the same time, it's important to consume adequate amounts of protein in order to ensure that the body continues to build or repair itself during this entire process.



Under 30 Grams Net Carbs Generally Works. Net Carbs = Total Carbs - Fiber


Protein Heavy Foods Naturally Have Fats In Them and are High In Satiety


Consume Fat Till Your Body Lets You Know It's Done! No need to overdo it

By following these steps most people will lose weight as a side effect on a Ketogenic diet. They also notice their energy levels sky rocket while having a much better appetite control. Sometimes, people will lose weight and then stall out for a while or at least the progress slows down. This is primarily because the caloric intake needs to be further reduced to continue the weight loss process. At this point, people can stay in nutritional ketosis and reap the potential benefits of being in this state or continue to lose weight by utilizing a macro calculator and/or cutting down their fat input even further. This where it gets technical and we recommend using a macro calculator to continue their weight loss journey or at least keep a rough track of their caloric intake. Here's a good macro calculator you can use.



4 Calories Per Gram


Fluctuates based on your goal of fat loss or gain

9 Calories Per Gram


Keep them under 30g

4 Calories Per Gram

Common Misconceptions

Chase Results, Not Ketones: Higher level of ketones do not equate to higher fat loss and people new to the ketogenic diet may fall into this trap. If fat loss is the goal, higher ketones or artificially increasing ketone levels through exogenous ketones may buffer, stall or even suppress weight loss. We don't recommend testing ketones either at the start due to their unreliability and scattered readings.

Fat Loss Varies In People: For some people, it may be a fast track to weight loss in which they may lose 1-2 lbs per week. For others, the weight loss may be slower and even continue to slow down with time. Some may hit a stall for a period of time and then the weight loss will continue. Patience and time work wonders!

Common Roadblocks

Carb Creeping: Many people initially are able to keep the carbohydrates down but eventually carbohydrates start creeping back up. If weight loss is the goal, we focus on starting off with simple food items which have practically no carbs in them with higher protein and think of carbs as a 'rare earning' rather than a goal. In fact, you can be totally done with carbs if you plan to go on a zero carb or carnivorous diet.

Hyper Palatable Foods: A lot of food products are disguised as keto or low carb friendly but because they have way too much sweeteners, salts and just taste way too good, they can lead to overconsumption in the long run. It's not one or two tasty food items that cause this but combining several overly sweet, salty and/or crunchy foods can lead to overconsumption. This is why we recommend keeping food diversity to minimal as this is one of the major reasons why people ( and even rats!) fail in their weight loss. It's integral to find a routine of food items that work for you and stick with them. Your palate adapts accordingly.

Consuming Fat For No Reason: Fat is the fuel on the Keto diet but if weight loss is the goal, adding copious amount of oils, ketones or butters could potentially lead to stalling of weight loss. Hence, focusing on leaner protein sources will help in this process. If you really want to consume fat alongside your steak or food plate, you can atleast consume something that tastes good!

Earn Your Food: We like to encourage people to work hard and think of food as something to be earned and viewed as a method of sustainenace rather than pure pleasure. Hence, we recommend people to lead a busy life and participate in activities that require physical and mental exertion rather than have their life revolve around food and eating. If someone is getting results without tracking or chasing macros, this is a blessing! The purpose of our Ketogeek products is to allow you to stay busy, chase your aspirations and not be enslaved by constant appetite.

Other Signs of Progress

Even though weight loss may be the goal, there are several other benefits we have observed:

The ketogenic diet has several potential benefits that range from therapeutic and even as a method to lose weight. If you liked the article, we highly recommend signing up below so you can access our newsletter and join the low carb playground which will have a lot of information. There is a lot to come including our products, community news, discounts and much more!

by Laura Jason on May 31, 2018

I ave started ketogenic diet about 2 weeks ago and i really want to know all the good tips and suggestion about ketogenic diet. All i know is that keto diet is all about low carbs and good way for reducing weight. Your blog is really very interesting
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