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Chocolate Fudge Energy Pods™


  • Completely Shelf Stable & Requires No Refrigeration
  • No Added Sugar, Gluten-Free & Vegetarian
  • Made with Organic & Grass-Fed Ghee (Mady by Ketogeek) using Premium Hand-Churned European Style Butter
  • Locally Sourced Organic Cocoa From California (USDA Certified, Fair Trade & Kosher Certified)
  • Premium Dutch Processed Alkalized Chocolatier Grade Cocoa (PH 8)
  • Contains Locally Sourced California Almonds
  • Packed With MCT Oil which Increases Fat Oxidation
  • Contains REAL Vanilla Beans (No Fillers)
  • Minimized Vanishing Caloric Density*



  • Sweet & Cooling
  • Rich & Creamy
  • Aromatic Vanilla
  • Artisan Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie


Nested in the heart of the tropics, cacao has been part of several human traditions and cultures. Chocolate is a house favorite at Ketogeek and is a good source of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. We wanted to have chocolate... every day! And, we did! However, we prefer to find the most flavorful cocoa that is used by world class chocolatiers, pastry chefs and artisan crafters to bolden our recipe. This is pure organic rainforest cocoa that is also used in chocolate couverture and produced in very limited supply tailored to our needs. The chocolate is intentionally dutched to yield a smoother, aromatic and whole chocolate flavor. Fair warning: our cacao spoils you. Once you try our chocolate out, you won't be able to go back to the cacao you find in-store. The chocolate we use has been lab tested to yield a much fattier than normal cocoa rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients.

Picture: Cacao Fruit


It was only a matter of time till we infused chocolate with our Ghee and MCT oil to create an energy and nutrient dense powerhouse. We're picky about the most miniscule details and decided to use real vanilla beans instead of extracts or powders which are mostly fillers, alcohol or carbs(eg. cornstarch). What can we say... we love the classic, traditional and premium style. If you are someone who doesn't settle for anything short of the best ingredients when it comes to quality and accurate science, then you will not find anything like this! There is a reason why the Energy Pods are the rave of the health and food industry.

Picture: Original hand churn


Creating something tasty is easy. We wanted to be more than that. We studied the science of food, nutrition and health and learned. We conversed with world class experts while studying scientific literature to find the best ingredients and science we could find. From hand-churned organic butter to filler-free vanilla beans to lab tested extracts, we never compromised on quality and processing. Beyond that, our ingredients support sustainable farming practices which allow nutrient cycling, farmland regeneration and high carbon capture. What does this mean? Peace of mind to you knowing that a company that cares for your health and well being and in this age of information overload, this is a priceless offering distilled in a simple product.

Picture: Vanilla bean caviar


The Chocolate Fudge Energy Pod is a perfect gateway to any experience you enjoy. From traveling to working out to simply getting lost in the richness of cacao, the Energy Pod will be there. It is shelf stable! It melts to form a glaze while freezes to turn into an ice-cream and remains a pudding at room temperature. At any environment and climate, you can still enjoy this sugar-free rich meal add-on... now with a convenient paperboard spoon. The world is yours for the taking! What are you waiting for?


The foil lid can be made into a spoon and the product can be consumed as is.

Ice-Cream Bar

Freeze for 2 hours and consume as an ice-cream

Nutty Cocoa

Using a frother or mixer, add 6-8 ounces of boiling water to create a nutty cocoa fudge drink

Energy Drink

Using a frother or mixer, add 6-8 ounces of cold water to create a cooling high fat drink

Frozen Pie Crust

Layer under cream or filling and freeze or refrigerate to add a chocolate crust to your recipe


Layer the product on cookies, cakes or use it as a frosting in any recipe


Melt and drizzle on your favorite savory dish or add to your batter


Froth inside 6-8 ounces of hot coffee to create a mocha

Ingredients: Blanched Almonds, Organic Ghee, Organic Cocoa Powder, MCT Oil (Coconut), Erythritol, Whey Concentrate, Sunflower Lecithin, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Monk Fruit Extract

What is an Energy Pod?

Energy Pods are multi-purpose and highly versatile food products that are aimed to provide you with fats and/or proteins on your journey to your dietary goals. Our Energy Pods compliment a low carb or Ketogenic lifestyle. They can be consumed simply as a pudding using the lid that can be made into a spoon or can be made into a drink, ice-cream or spread. It is shelf-stable and not spoilt easily by temperature variance and hence great for traveling in extreme environments.

Do I need to refrigerate it?

No. The product will not spoil in very high or low temperatures due to the consituent ingredients. However, you can melt, refrigerate or freeze it to consume it whatever way you like! We particularly enjoy freezing it and making an ice-cream out of it.

Does it have dairy and nuts?

Yes, it has both in the form of almonds and whey protein though Ghee on its own has nearly all of its lactose and casein removed. Our product is gluten free as well.

What is Erythritol and Monk Fruit Extract?

Monk fruit extract and Erythritol are sweeteners found naturally and have very low to no glycemic impact. They may also have potential health benefits. Here's some more information on the science behind Monk Fruit Extract and Erythritol.

What are net carbs?

Net carbs are total carbohydrates minus dietary fiber and sugar alcohols. This is used to figure out how much free sugar a product contains and what kind of glycemic response it will have. You can learn more about the science here.


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