pecan coconut energy pod low carb ghee vegetarian
Pecan Coconut Energy Pods™
Pecan Coconut Energy Pods™
Pecan Coconut Energy Pods™
Pecan Coconut Energy Pods™
Pecan Coconut Energy Pods™
Pecan Coconut Energy Pods™
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Pecan Coconut Energy Pods™



  • Shelf Stable
  • 3g Net Carbs Per Energy Pod
  • No Added Sugar, Gluten-Free & Vegetarian
  • Made from Grass-Fed & Pastured Ghee
  • Organic Coconut Butter
  • Premium Quality Pecans
  • Packed With MCT Oil




  • Sweet
  • Festive Spices
  • Creamy
  • Tangy


This is a unique flavor with very minimal sweetness that uses a slight tangy essence from the coconut butter and adds it to the warmth of pecans and ghee. The initial taste is warm and glowing, middle tone is tangy and the final after taste is earthy and sweet. Also, think of festive spices in there with words like 'gingerbread', 'spiced pumpkin', 'Thanksgiving' and 'Christmas'. It took us some time to figure out the complexity of this flavor profile but eventually, we were able to create something you may have never tried before!


This dense Energy Pod is highly filling, especially when incorporated into a fat burning diet. A combination of earthy spices, mild sweetness and quality nutrients packs a punch when it comes to satiety. One of these will knock your hunger for hours and is perfect for long travel excursions or daily grinds.


Pecans are the only tree nuts native to Mexico and southern United States and are one of the recently domesticated crops as early as the 16th century. Pecans were likely dispersed through wind ranging all the way back to several millions of years ago and served as a natural food source for pre-agricultural societies as they were sill edible when found on the ground.

Coconuts, on the other hand originated from hot and wet tropical India-Indonesia region and disperesed by travelling through the sea to germinate, sometimes thousands of miles, and fossils found 37-55 million years ago! Coconuts were selectively bred, not for their size but thinner husks to make them edible and accessible at the cost of their ability to float across the world on ocean currents.

Spices united humans together together through trade, tradition and medicine. From ancient Egypt back in 2000 BC to our modern times, it drove humans to explore and learn. They act as natural preservatives, impact the absorption of other nutrients and add a depth to foods.

We think the Pecan Coconut Energy Pod is a testimony to human accomplishment as it brings the world together through the land, the sea and the air.


The foil lid can be made into a spoon and the product can be consumed as is.

Ice-Cream Bar

Freeze for 2 hours and consume as ice-cream

Pecan Coconut Latte

Using a frother or mixer, add 6-8 ounces of boiling water to create a tangy nutty coconut drink

Energy Drink

Using a frother or mixer, add 6-8 ounces of cold water to create a cooling high fat drink

Frozen Pie Crust

Layer under cream or filling and freeze or refrigerate to add a crust to your recipe


Layer the product on cookies, cakes or use it as a frosting in any recipe


Melt and drizzle on your favorite savory dish or add to your batter


Add bits of frozen Chocolate Fudge Energy Pod to Pecan Coconut Energy Pod and enjoy the tangy chocolate chip cookie dough!


Freeze Pecan Coconut Energy Pod and drizzle some Chocolate Fudge Energy Pod on top to have a frozen cupcake


Freeze, Cut in half and add Chocolate Fudge Energy Pod in between. Re-freeze to get a cookie sandwich!

Energy Pods are multi-purpose and highly versatile food products that are aimed to provide you with fats and/or proteins on your journey to your dietary goals. Our Energy Pods compliment a low carb or Ketogenic lifestyle. They can be consumed simply as a pudding using the lid that can be made into a spoon or can be made into a drink, ice-cream or spread. It is shelf-stable and not spoilt easily by temperature variance and hence great for traveling in extreme environments. For more uses, click on the 'Directions & Uses' tab above for this product.

No. The product will not spoil in very high or low temperatures due to the consituent ingredients. However, you can melt, refrigerate or freeze it to consume it whatever way you like! We particularly enjoy freezing it and making an ice-cream out of it.

It has both dairy and nuts in it in the form of whey protein and pecans respectively.

Monk fruit extract is a potent sweetener found naturally and has very low glycemic impact. Alongside Erythritol is also used which is also found naturally and has a very low glycemic impact. No other sweetener is used in this product.

Currently we don't offer that service.

Net carbs are total carbs minus sugar alcohols and fiber.

Ingredients: Pecans, Grassfed Ghee, Coconut Butter, Erythritol, Whey Protein Concentrate, Sunflower Lecithin, Spices, Madagascar Vanilla, Salt, Monk Fruit Extract


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