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The Nutty Carnivore diet is an experimental diet that takes a carnivorous diet and adds to it. Unlike other diets which are based on adding or eliminating food items, the Nutty Carnivore diet is a complete rebuilding of the nutritional pyramid while focusing on simplicity and maximum health benefits.. The diet requires no calorie counting, no ketone testing and no tracking of anything and makes the diet extremely easy to follow and adapt. The key here is to build a simple but very powerful nutritional backbone that unshackles you from food dependency while giving you the control of your appetite and health. This is the diet many of us at Ketogeek follow as well. Some of the initial anecdotal benefits we have noticed are:

  • Improved Teeth, Skin Tone & Clearing of Skin Tags
  • Simple & Easy Diet To Start & Maintain
  • Time saver with short grocery trips
  • No Complicated Recipes to Follow
  • Ketogenic & Fat Burning
  • Reduced Cravings & Sweet Tooth
  • No 'Balanced' Diet Juggling of Foods
  • Reduced Hunger Response
  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Appetite Control
  • No Macros Tracking, No Calorie Counting, No Ketone Testing & No Food Tracking
  • Improved Mood
  • No Energy Crashes
  • No Supplemental Workout Routines
  • Fat Loss While Leading a Normal Life
  • Lots of Free Time to Chase Meaningful Connections, Travel & Pursue Goals
  • No Fruits, No Vegetables




They form the building blocks of the body. During the day, body takes wear and tear and needs to be repaired. Proteins help with this process. They can come from plant and animal sources where plant protein are incomplete while animal proteins are complete sources of essential amino acids.

Sources of proteins include meat cuts, poultry, fish and low/zero carb protein shakes.

Proteins: 3-4 Calories Per Gram


Main sources of carbohydrates are sugars, starches, grains, vegetables and fruits but they also also exist in smaller quantities in nuts. Trace amounts can be found in animal products as well.

They can be potentially synthesized by the body to be used as a fuel source but aren't neccessary. The body produces enough glucose for itself through a process called 'Gluconeogenesis'.

Carbs: 4 Calories Per Gram


Fats are another source of fuel for the body and are prioritized to be burnt when consumption of carbohydrates is restricted or totally removed. These fats are converted into Ketone bodies which are further used to fuel the body.

Fats are primarily found in animal products, nuts and seeds. They can be further extracted to make butters, ghee, tallow and various oils.

Fats: 9 Calories Per Gram


These are minerals and vitamins that are present within the food which may play an important role in ensuring optimal health of the body. They can be found naturally in nutritionally dense foods such as leafy green vegetables, meats, nuts and certain fruits


The nutty carnivore diet is primarily a ketogenic diet as it contains minimal to no carbohydrate intake. Fats are used as the primary source of fuel. When carbohydrates are restricted, the body breaks down fats into ketone bodies which are then used to fuel the body. Animal proteins form the building blocks for te body.

The simplicity of the Nutty Carnivore diet guises an evolutionary understanding of the human body while challenging the nutritional science that has existed in the last few centuries while completely rebuilding the food pyramid from scratch. Our goal with the Energy Pods is to tweak, enhance and support this carnivorous diet. Here's some conversation we've had regarding the efficacy of a carnivorous diet on health, performance and environment.


A carnivorous diet used to fuel workouts and break world records even at high intensity training sessions

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A carnivorous diet is supported evolutionarily and scientifically while it challenges existing nutritional science & guidelines

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A carnivorous diet has been used to combat conditions such as cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, autoimmune conditions & more!

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Ruminant agriculture is one of the keys to soil health and a positive influence on the global ecosystem and the environment

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On the Nutty Carnivore Diet, the goal is to attain optimal health and performance while simplifying diet and nutrition. The diet completely cuts off fruits and vegetables. No tracking of macros, testing of ketones or anything is required. Food recipes are as simple as eating grilled steak, burger patties and eggs which saves countless hours of time in the kitchen while allowing the freedom to chase dreams and pursue activities at will. Many will experience weight loss as appetite gets regulated and in your control. You may notice sustained energy all day long as your body taps into stored body fat for energy. Many have noticed a much leaner physique after being on it for a while. The diet allows for all athletic endeavors including strength training, marathon running, mountaineering and various high intensity strength training styles.


The diet mainly revolves around red meat, eggs and water. The simpler the diet, the better it is. Hence, that's why we keep the diet to the usual 'Meat, Eggs & Pods'. Alcohol is to be avoided unless it's absolutely necessary in social situations. As a general rule of thumbs, keep the carb and sugar content of the food to an absolute minimum or none at all.




Organ Meats


Fish (Low Mercury)


Burger Patties



Sugar-Free Jerky


Energy Pods


Heavy Cream




Low Carb Nuts










Sparkling Water




Fruit Brandy

Red & White Wine

Hard liquor


Light Beer


At fast food chains, you can order "Meat Patties" as they are or you can ask for a meat burger which is two patties of meat with cheese in the center. An example of this would be the the Flying Dutchman from In-and-Out. At a restaurant, you can order a steak, burger patties, cheese and standalone meats on the side. While on the road, gas station foods would include nuts such as almonds and peanuts, jerky(low or no sugar) or premmican


Shopping is also easy since you're evading practically the entire grocery store and choosing the meat section to obtain steak, ground beef, sausage, fish or your preferred source of meat.






Our time on Earth is limited and hence our health and quality of life is extremely important and best traded with beautiful experiences in life, legacies to be built and memories and relationships to be created. Food is a means to sustainance and artistry but it's been abused to producing cheap and addictive foods that have led to the chronic modern diseases of our current times. Additionally, we are suffering from information overload where there are so many methodologies and complicated ways of eating, all guised to sell more information. The Nutty Carnivore Protocol distills all of this down into a very simple diet that works in the background while you are enjoying life and saving countless hours spent reading books, blogs, articles, creating recipes and adhering to multi-page recommendations while watching instructional videos. This is a dietary protocol for those who like to chase their dreams and explore the world rather than be shackled by food. In a sea of information overload, this diet cuts through the BS and saves both time, headaches and money in the long run. Welcome to the Nutty Carnivore tribe!



Nope. No measurements are required to be on this diet. Some people like to keep track of their weight, waist circumference(better indicator) or simple selfies. Our instagram tag is #nuttycarnivore.

To keep it simple, we recommend consuming red meat though other sources of meat are fine too such as fish, chicken, game, turkey and so on. Eggs & egg proteins are fine as well. Dairy in the form of ghee, butter and whey protein can be added to tweak the fat and protein content of the diet based on your goals. While on the go, traveling or on an outing, if your options are limited, you can utilize the following in emergency cases:

  • Fast Food with Burger Meat(and cheese)
  • Local Steak or BBQ Restaurants (Find one on Yelp)
  • Meat at Local Grocery Store (Find one on Yelp)
  • Sugar Free or Low Carb Jerky
  • Energy Pods  
  • Canned Sardines, Salmon & Small Fish
  • Pork Rinds
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Low carb nuts (Pecans, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, brazil nuts, macadamia)

It isn't a concern as this is primarily a carnivorous diet where the side effect is nutritional ketosis. Additionally, the process of gluconeogenesis is a bit more complicated than protein turning into sugars and is overall not a concern on this diet. Here's a good read.

We recommend sticking to plain water, tea, coffee or zero calorie sparkling water. We don't recommend alcohol consumption at all. Under social circumstances, the less alcohol consumed, the better. On social occasions to red wine, white wine, hard liquor & fruit brandy can be consumd in moderation.

Dry rubs with minimal or no sugar should be fine. Sauces and marinades with lots of sugars should be avoided. Liberally salt the meat based on your taste.

Grassfed and/or organic gets pricier with diminishing returns on any proposed benefits. Regular meat from your local store or butcher is fine.

Yes. Bacon, sausages, brats, pepperoni, jerky and various other processed meats are fine when short on time or traveling. However, you may want to ensure they have minimal to no carbs added to them. Most of them can be loaded with sugars and fillers. Hence, it's ideal to stick to simpler foods such as steak and eggs and only use processed foods as a crutch. Exception to this would be pemmican and a recipe can be found here.  

Eggs are fine. Dairy can be used to saute or add more fat to the steak if it's lean. This can be in the form of ghee, butter and heavy cream. We recommend keeping the diet as simple as possible.

Most people will tend to lose fat while on this diet. However, this isn't primarily a fat loss diet but is aimed to optimize health and nutrition while maintaining a simplistic way of eating. Fat loss is just a side benefit to it. With patience and time, most likely you will feel leaner and lose weight at the same time.

Most people who have followed this protocol have noticed their cravings go down and their sweet tooth diminish over time. This gives them excellent appetite control.