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The Energy Pods™

It all began with an idea and a philosophy: What if you could take all the complicated and latest research in the world of food and nutrition and simplify it down to a single product. An unrestricted product you could take anywhere and consume any way you like while maintaining a state of nutritional ketosis. Alongside, it encapsulates the currencies of the future: Honesty, Transparency, a Community and the never-ending thirst to chase Knowledge. This is more than just about creating a tasty product. It's about pursuing health, pushing the envelope of the food industry, exploring with an open mind and taking a leap forward in humanity. All of this is expressed inside our simple cup called Energy Pods™

"Your product is amazing…I tried it and am hooked!"

NINA TEICHOLZ "The Big Fat Surprise", New York Times Bestseller

"With the keto diet gaining popularity it seems like there is a new low carb dessert hitting the market every day. We've tried a vast majority of them and Keto Geek Chocolate Fudge is one of the few that is made with quality ingredients that also tastes incredible! You can tell it's made by people that actually care about the keto community."

Matt & Megha Keto Connect

"This reminds me of my childhood when I used to get the “lickers” of the cake mix from the bowl or from the spatula when mom was baking… the butter gooey goodness seduces you to the decadence of your youth, when you had no cares. The thing is as its sooo totally keto, you can still have no cares and enjoy with the same gusto."

Dorian G - KetoMojo

"The customer service experience from ordering, payment, thru delivery was outstanding - and the walnut ghee butter was a surprise. I was not expecting it to taste this awesome."

Dan G - Verified Buyer