Have you ever felt guilty for indulging in your favorite food? Well, don't be! Your body has a built-in mechanism that helps you stop eating when you've had enough of a particular food. This mechanism is called olfactory-gustatory sensory-specific satiety, which simply means that as you eat more of a food, you start to enjoy it less. But why do we still fall into the trap of diet zealots who tell us to give up our favorite foods? Let's explore the science behind it and learn how to find a balance between healthy and tasty foods.
Discover how the field of Nutrition Engineering is set to change the game in the world of nutrition and diet, paving the way for a more reliable, sustainable, and personalized approach to food. Learn about the education and skills needed to succeed in this field, and explore the exciting potential applications of this innovative new area of study.
The constant exposure to celebrities in media has a strong influence on the public's perception of food and nutrition. Unfortunately, many celebrities have used their platform to promote unhealthy food products, leading to increased obesity and chronic diseases. From sugary drinks to processed snacks, celebrity endorsements of unhealthy foods have contributed to the global health crisis.
Media, food writers, celebrity chefs, and other public figures seem to be giving us advice on healthy eating, yet they're also the true masterminds behind obesity, diabetes, and chronic conditions. Their hypocrisy lies in promoting obesogenic junk foods, alcohol, wine, and other unhealthy foods while telling us to follow a balanced diet. These individuals often hide behind their reputation and status, telling others what to do while ignoring their own demons and the health consequences of their actions.
The ketogenic diet has been a popular diet trend for years now, with many claiming that it can help with weight loss and improve overall health. However, the keto community has been plagued by paleo charlatans and bad faith influencers who are more interested in pushing their personal agendas and junk products than in helping people. They have turned the keto diet into a neo-paleo ideology, demonizing certain ingredients like erythritol based on associations and ignoring science when it doesn't fit their narrative. It's time for new figureheads in the nutrition, keto, and low-carb spheres who are interested in helping humanity rather than pushing their personal agendas and junk products and services.